Flow Switches

Flow monitoring switches for liquids or gas are used for ensuring a minimum flow rate. The flow switches are designed with no moving parts and long-term reliability. It is available in explosion-proof, corrosion resistant and intrinsically safe. Flow switches are also used with indicator to monitor the current flow process condition, pipe breaks and pipe leaks. The set point which is maximum or minimum flow rate of switch can be adjusted to match the user process requirements. The switches control the pump to turn on or off when the flow reached the existing set point.

  • Paddle Flow Switches
  • Calorimetric Flow Switches
  • Rotameter
  • Ultrasonic Flow Switch

Level Switches

Level switches are designed for industrial use in various area for process technology. Its can be used in difficult conditions including liquid, slurry, turbulence, air bubbles, foam generation, buildup, or strong external vibration. Level switches continuously monitor and apply for overflow, high, low, demand and pump protection application. Multiple level point measurement are available by requested for customer.

  • Float Level Switch
  • Conductivity Level Electrode
  • Vibration Level Switch
  • Capacitance Level Switch

Paperless Recorder​

The paperless recorder with highest resolution, infrared detector, maximum six channels, plug & play I/O card, can be used to monitor, record, evaluate the processes in the plants. It is available in chemical plant, food & beverage plant, semiconductor plant, environmental monitoring and laboratory. The historical data can be stored in compact flash card or collected in a remote host PC for data evaluation and print-out.

Panel Indicator​

Panel indicator is the intelligent digital display with multiple signal input, LED alarm display, multiple current and voltage signal output. It is available for 4-20mA or 0-10mA output signal, maximum four-way alarm output. Panel indicator can apply to industrial process for parameters measurement including temperature, pressure, flow, liquid level and humidity etc.