Pneumatic Positioner

As the interface between the control system and valves, positioners are essential to the smooth and reliable operation of your process. They play a vital role in ensuring the best possible performance throughout you plant.


  • Quick to start up because of one-push initialization: initialize at the push of a button
  • Easy selection of the control mode: application parameters to select a range of modes, precise control, on/off operation, booster applications
  • Contactless magnetic sensor
  • Ready for tough process conditions because of robust enclosures
  • Corrosion-resistant silencer


  • Faster valve adjustment thanks to smart chamber pressure control
  • Air isn’t completely released from the valve, so a new operation point is reached more quickly
  • Mounted directly on the positioner, reducing external tubing to a minimum
  • Stable control, even with pneumatic leaks or deposit buildups
  • Extensive control and diagnostic options using the Valve Monitoring App