Digital Communication

A digital communication is used for exchange the signals, messages or data over a wired or wireless medium such as pressure, temperature data. Digital circuits are more reliable and easier to design. This communication occurs in our daily life in the form of signals like audio signals.


Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) are used to solve automation tasks. This is an integral production processes to initiate, control, monitor and end the operation of machine. The programming device stored in the program memory of an automation system that the design and wiring can be modified at any time. This is a common software environment integrates all components and tasks into one uniform easy to use system. It is powerful to increase the productivity in implementation of a project reducing the engineering and life cycle costs. It can also reduce the expense for commissioning, maintenance and service.


WirelessHART devices are playing an important role in the industrial environment for monitoring and controlling physically separated plants and facilities. WirelessHART is the industrial standard for wireless sensor networking technology based on the Highway Addressable Remote Transducer Protocol (HART). It is easy to setup of HART network and devices. WirelessHART is provided with time-synchronized communication and channel hopping to avoid interference.

  • Battery-powered WirelessHART transmitter
  • WirelessHART pressure transmitter
  • WirelessHART temperature transmitter
  • WirelessHART adapters
  • WirelessHART gateway

Profibus / Modbus devices​

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3G/4G/5G Wireless Communication

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LoRaWAN System

LoRaWAN is a network protocol with low power and wide area design to wirelessly connect to the internet in regional or national networks. The advantage of this wireless bi-directional communication is the long-range capability and allows single-hop link between the gateways and end-device. The security of LoRaWAN for application ensures the network operator does not have access to the end user’s application data.  LoRaWAN gateways is a data transparent bridge for connecting to the network server via standard IP connections. It will forward the received packet from the end-node to the cloud-based or built-in server via the Ethernet, satellite or Wi-Fi.