Weighing Equipment

The belt conveyor is used for weighing and controlling the rate of materials which is common procedures in process automation. A typical belt conveyor system is composed of a weigh bridge supported on load cells, an integrator and speed sensor.

Load Cell

Load cells are equipped with strain gauges used for static and dynamic weight measurements. The sensors convert a mechanical variable (weight) into an electrical signal (voltage). The ohmic resistance of its conductor will be changed referring to the change in the external shape of the strain gauge. The measured voltage changes proportionally to the introduced load. Our load cell is compact modules with stainless steel body and sealed housing for easy installation and high anti-corrosion protection.

Solid Flowmeter

Solid flowmeter is used for continuously monitoring the dry bulk materials flow without interrupting the process for heavy duty industrial. Dry bulk solids enter the flowmeter, convert the horizontal force into an electrical signal and integrate the total weight by integrator. The totally enclosed design can be eliminated product waste or contamination and reduce plant maintenance. The dust-tight construction is very suitable for use in hazardous areas and in washdown application.

Belt Scale

Belt scales is designed with the fast-moving belts, short idler spacing, and uneven belt loading to continuously measure and report the totalized amounts of materials being transported on a conveyor belt. Our belt scales are rugged and corrosion-resistant for application in the food and light-duty industry, medium-duty industry and heavy-duty industry. The accuracy of belt-scale can be up to ±0.125%. It is easy to install for saving time, without moving parts for safe operation and limited maintenance requirements.